Highest Sensitivity in its Class

In addition to a bright ceramic light source, high-sensitivity DLATGS detector, and high throughput optical elements, the IRPrestige-21 features optimized optical system design and also optimized electrical and signal systems, which provide higher signal and lower noise levels to achieve S/N ratios over 40,000:1. (see note)

● High-Sensitivity DLATGS Detector

The IRPrestige-21 uses a more sensitive DLATGS detector than before. Since the element is controlled to a constant temperature, stable and high-sensitivity measurements can be maintained over long periods.

● Bright Ceramic Light Source

The IRPrestige-21 includes a bright ceramic light source that is air-cooled. That means the light source does not require any special equipment and provides a long stable service life, which is backed by a 3-year warranty.

● High-Energy Throughput Optical Elements

The IRPrestige-21 utilizes high precision gold coated mirrors that provide high throughput. Since gold coated mirrors have higher reflectance than generally-used aluminum mirrors, they are used to configure a brighter optical system.

Example of High-Sensitivity Analysis

Example of High-Sensitivity Analysis

Example of High-Sensitivity Analysis

This shows an example of analyzing the LB membrane on a gold mirror (1 molecule thick layer of stearic acid, 2.5 nm). It shows how the IRPrestige-21 provides more vivid infrared spectra than the previous model and shows the high sensitivity level.

Note: Highest in class according to June 2002 study by Shimadzu, given 4 cm-1 resolution, integration for 1 minute, measurement near 2100 cm-1, and peak-to-peak measurement.

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