QC Reporter

QC Reporter™: mass confirmation and quality assessment with confidence

QC Reporter

Within a given manufacturing process, quality control (QC) plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the supply of a high quality product. QC Reporter is an automated analysis and reporting software solution for QC environments. Compatible with the MALDI-8020 benchtop linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer, this software provides a simple and secure platform for typical QC workflows.


QC Reporter

QC Reporter is a fully automated software application designed for high-throughput quality control analysis using MALDI-TOF MS. The acquisition, calibration, processing, quality assessment and reporting processes are performed automatically within a single platform and a simple, intuitive workflow design. Using QC Reporter, a typical QC experiment can be performed with a few simple steps:

• Defining the acquisition and quality assessment criteria settings
• Importing samples for analysis using a predefined sample worklist
• Viewing and/or exporting the results

The quality criteria (detection of the target mass and amount of permitted adducts/impurities) are applied on the fly for each acquired sample and are presented in a colour-coded manner providing an at a glance summary for easy reading. The option to subsequently export a summary of the entire experiment or to generate individual sample reports provides the user with options for different workflows.

Key features:

- Security via individual user login and Administrator control of user roles and permissions

- Flexibility:
applicable to different applications (peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides and small molecules)

- Fully compatible with the MALDI-8020 mass spectrometer

- Simple operation:
set the acquisition and criteria parameter sets, run the samples and view the results

- Intuitive user-interface:
colour-coded results providing an at a glance summary of the QC experiment. Review individual results via the interactive slide graphic

- Comprehensive reporting:
all relevant information is presented in exportable sample reports

- Seamless relationship with MALDI Solutions Data Acquisition software via the MALDI Solutions database

QC Reporter and MALDI Solutions are trademarks of Kratos Analytical Ltd.


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