NIR System

The IRPrestige-21 NIR system enables measurementsIRPrestige-21 NIR System
ranging from the near infrared to mid-infrared regions.
For near infrared measurements, it uses a CaF2
(calcium fluoride) beam splitter, InGaAs (indium gallium
arsenide) detector, and tungsten light source. When the
beam splitter is replaced with a CaF2 beam splitter, the
system recognizes the type of beam splitter and automatically
sets the appropriate measurement parameters.
Automatic Switching Mechanism for light source and Detector
Automatic Switching Mechanism for light source and Detector

Automatic Switching Mechanism for Light Source and Detector


Advantages of FT-NIR (Near Infrared) Analysis


Because molecular vibration-based absorption appears in the near infrared region, substances can be identified by comparing spectral patterns and quantitated from peak intensity. In addition, since absorption intensity in this region is not as high as in the mid-infrared region, many samples can be measured as-is, without dilution, which allows for more rapid analysis.
The IRPrestige-21 NIR system is especially well suited to pattern comparison, because the Fourier transform method provides such high wavelength precision. If the sample container is made of thin plastic or glass, samples can be left in the container for measurements. Also, using a fiber probe allows measuring samples without having to place the samples in the sample chamber or an accessory.

Examples of Applications for FT-NIR (Near Infrared)

FT-NIR can be used for a wide variety applications, such as for acceptance testing when receiving raw materials or before shipping products, or for monitoring in reaction or mixing processes.


  Petroleum / Fuel Octane number, aromatic components, or olefin number
  Foods / Beverages Moisture, protein, fat, sugar, or alcohol content
  Fibers Fiber type, moisture content, or oil content
  Chemistry / Polymers Polymerization level, residual monomer content, hydroxyl group content, blend ratio, or moisture content
  Pharmaceuticals Main ingredients, additives, moisture content, or raw material acceptance testing
  Pulp / Paper Surface coatings or moisture content






Upward-Looking Diffuse Reflectance Accessory


Enables measuring powder samples on a sampleUPIR A
stage. This eliminates the need for pretreatment
procedures, such as dilution with KBr. Powder samples
can also be measured contained in a plastic bag or glass

■ IntegratIR A

Near IR Integrating Sphere


Enables placing powder samples, pellets, liquids,IntegratIR A
or molded items on a sample stage for measurement
(reflectance measurement). This eliminates the need
for pretreatment procedures, such as dilution with KBr.
Samples can be measured left in powder form, contained
in a plastic bag or glass bottle.

■ Heating Transmission Cell


Enables measuring transmission through liquid
samples while they are heated or held at a constant Heating Transmission Cell
temperature. This is used for multi-component quantitative
analysis of liquid samples or to track any reactions or
changes in samples when they are heated.




Near Infrared (NIR) Analysis


The near infrared region is considered the range from the long wavelength end of the visible light spectrum up to the mid-infrared region. In terms of wavelengths, this normally means from 800 nm to 2500 nm (12,500 to 4000 cm-1). Absorption that appears in the near infrared region is based on molecular vibration, just as it is for the fundamental molecular vibrations in the mid-infrared region, but the vibrations are overtones or combinations of the fundamental vibrations. Spectra in the mid-infrared region are referred to as infrared spectra and provide information about the functional groups in organic substances. Spectra in the near infrared region also reveal information about the functional groups in organic substances as well. Therefore, substances can be qualified from a comparison of the overall spectral patterns. In addition, it enables quantitation from peak intensities.

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