Free-Fall Type Dry Measurement Unit SALD-DS3 (P/N 346-61206)

Sample supply system Vibration feeder
(Adjustable vibration frequency, variable vibration strength)
Dimensions and weight Approx. 380 (W) × 230 (D) × 380 (H) mm, approx. 15 kg
Power requirements 100 VAC ±10 %, 0.4 A, 50/60 Hz
(excluding dust collector)


* The detector case (P/N 347-60010) for SALD-3100 and dust collector are required in addition to the SALD-DS3 free-fall type dry measurement unit. When both the SALD-DS3 free-fall type dry measurement unit and SALD-DS21 injection type dry measurement unit are used, the detector case and dust collector can be shared.

Dust Collector (P/N 346-61675-00)

Type Vacuum cleaner (paper pack type)
Collection efficiency 99.97% or more in the case of 0.3 µm particles
Capacity 2 m3/min or more
Degree of vacuum Approx. 20 kPa or less
Suction hose dia. 32 mm
Power requirements 100 VAC, 8A, 50/60 Hz
* If the customer is to prepare his/her own dust collector, select an appropriate one that matches the particle size and properties of the sample powder to be measured.

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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