Nexera-i MT

Meet the new Nexera-i MT – method transfer system. Bases on the proven i-series compact system, it features two independent and dedicated flow lines, one for UHPLC and the other for HPLC analyses in a single compact integrated LC. Newly developed Analytical Conditions Transfer and Optimization (ACTO) technology minimizes the effect of system volume differences between different systems on analytical results.



With Nexera-i MT, you benefit from UHPLC and HPLC analysis on a single system.

  • UHPLC and HPLC analysis on a single system
    using dual flow path for automated switching between HPLC and UHPLC analyses
  • New software features maximize efficiency
    with automated method transfer and gradient adjustment according to system volume
  • Enhanced ease of use
    through touch panel control, chromatogram monitor and easy-batch-function
  • Compact yet versatile
    with a choice of detectors and software drivers
  • Guaranteed method compatibility
    with a system volume that can be easily adjusted to fit existing HPLC systems

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Improve your laboratory efficiency at the push of a button

Run time 36 min 8 min
Cost per sample 10 EUR 2 EUR
Solvent usage per year 864 L 115 L
Cost per year* 240,000.- EUR 48,000.- EUR

* 3 HPLC systems run 17 days per month to process 2,000 samples, one Nexera-i MT could run the same amount of samples in 11 days.


By automatically switching between two flow lines, Nexera-i MT seamlessly performs both HPLC and UHPLC analyses, preserving the relative separation pattern by compensating automatically for differences in system volume. The same technology allows Nexera-i MT to match any existing HPLC or UHPLC method run on competitive instrument platforms. It can also be used for quick method development in UHPLC mode and seamlessly convert into HPLC methods for broader applicability by using a simple conversion program.