Виалы и крышки

Каталог виал

1.5 ml Kits, Vials and Caps

1.5 ml standard vials and kits for  LC/LC-MS and GC/GC-MS.
Screw, crimp, snap ring vials and caps.

GC/MS & LC/MS Certified Vials

1.5 ml kits with certified reduced adsorption of basic substances

Headspace Kits, Vials and Caps

10 ml and 20 ml standard vials and kits for headspace.
Screw, crimp vials and caps.

EPA / TOC Vial, Kit and Caps

Certified and standard vials, kits and caps for EPA /TOC

CLAM-2000/2030 Vials

Reagent vials, filtration and collection sets for Shimadzu CLAM-system

Аксессуары для виал

Планшеты, боксы, кримперы

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