Western blotting (3)


Micro-scale reagent delivery

Delivers picoliter volumes of reagent to a target surface using piezoelectric technology.

Application: Western blotting

Comparison between conventional Western blots and the new CHIP approach.
  • Results in equivalent data between the 2 approaches.
  • The CHIP is far quicker and uses less reagent than the conventional method (more cost effective).
  • The true value is in the ability to view multiple anti-bodies in one blot - it is easier and quicker to interpret and visualize.


  • Conventional Western blotting.

    Three individual blots used for each anti-body.

    - anti-phosphothreonine (T)

    - anti-nonmuscle myosin (M)

    - anti-phosphoserine (S) 

    (all at 1:1000 dilution).

  • CHIP.

    One blot was used for all three antibodies. 

    RBL-2H3 mast cells were sampled at 1, 2, 4 or 10min after activation.


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