Видеоинтервью с пользователями CLAM-2000

Benefits of CLAM-2000 in private testing laboraties

Labor Wisplinghoff, Cologne, Germany

Dr. RER. NAT Lars Kröner
Dipl. Chemist
Department toxicology

CLAM-2000, a game changer for university hospitals

University Hospital, Göttingen, Germany

Dr. Frank Streit
Head of Clinical Research

How CLAM-2000 can revolutionize Toxicology analysis workflow

University Hospital, Limoges, France

Prof. Franck Saint-Marcoux
Full Profressor of Toxicology
University of Limoges

Architype of CLAM-2000: testing and validation in a clinical laboratory eviroment

DESIO hospital, Milan, Italy

Prof. Paolo Brambilla
Head Chief Clinical Chemistry Laboratory

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